Sunfire Ultimate

Anyone have any current comments on this receiver? A fair amount of cash for this (just ask my wife), but evidently good stuff just costs more! I guess I am seriously considering it, but am also open to other suggestions. I like my older Denon AVR 2800. Looking for a whole HTS, likely Martin Logan (Aeons, Cinema, Depth, Scenarios). Looking for a long-term relationship capable of cool music and movie sound.

I have one, and it probably isn't broken in yet. It replaced at $2,000 Luxman AV receiver that is also a nice unit which bests the Denon receivers in important performance areas. My reaction is very favorable. Very clean, dynamic power. Pre-processor has many options and is quiet. There are more than the usual receiver options in dealing with a second zone of speakers, or the second zone can be used to make a 5.1 system into 7.1.

Email me if you want some help obtaining one at a discount with factory warranty.
hi bookner...i would appreciate that link to a discount for the sunfire ultimate receiver....still not decided if i'm going with that or the outlaw 950/770..thanks ray