Sunfire tube Preamp owners please read

Hello, i purchased a used sunfire tube preamp off of the web. it seems to be working fine, the 1 thing i don't get is, the tubes don't seem to glow like in the pictures of this uint that i see on the web. There is a little light in front of each tube, and that light iluminates the tubes a bit, but nothing like the firey red glow i see when looking at the pics of this unit on the web, do u think there could be something wrong with my unit? or, Does the unit have to be on for hours for the tubes to really get going? Or lastly, are the firey looks of tubes in the pictures made that way just to make the product look more attractive to perspective buyers? can anyone clear this up for me?
Hi, I've never seen tubes glow much in a well designed preamp in the fashion you see in the pictures. Generally a tube really aglow is not a good sign and you can generally expect trouble. I guess your assumption about advertising hype is correct and if I were you, I'd relax and enjoy the music. Regards,
I agree with Detlof regarding his comment, I think the picture you see is made for advertising purpose only, in fact I have the same pre-amp you have and I always turn it on two to three hours before playing time and the three tube that I have were 6922 not 6dj8, I did talk to one of the sunfire technician and they informed me that 6dj8 is not the best tube for sunfire.

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It was probably a picture taken with lower light and a slow shutter speed. That could account for the tubes appearing extra bright. I am getting one soon, it is bought it just has to show up. I know nothing about tubes, I bought this after hearing an all-tube set-up and I thought a tube pre-amp might add something for me too. I have heard people swapping out the tubes on these Sunfire Pre-amps, but what is the best one to use? How many do you need to get? Where do you get them? How much should they cost? How do you install them? Please enlighten me!