Sunfire Theater Grand II or Classe SSP30


I'm new to this stuff and need all the help I can get!
I am starting to put together a Home Theater system that would be used probably 80% of the time listening to music and 20% watching movies. I have a budget of around $2500. new or used (around a yr. old) and have the oppty. of getting a Sunfire Theater Grand II new for about $2400. and the Classe SSP 30 (about 3 mos.old) for $2200.
Which one should I get...any suggestions will be appreciated. Also, for about $1500 to 2k what kind of Amps. should I get. New or used just the same as above.

Thank you all in advance.

There are major design and feature differences between the Sunfire and the Classe preamps, so be sure you get the one that fits your needs. I haven’t heard either of these units, so I can’t comment on their sound.

However, I can recommend an excellent stereo amp for $1560. The Continuum Audio Stage is a real sweetheart.

Here are some of the comments audio reviewers made about this amp:

“Exceptionally good sound, characterized by a wonderful sense of space,
delicacy and resolution.”

“This amp can really put out the peak current!”

"Right out of the box the sound was wonderfully transparent, detailed, and
it had plenty of bass oomph. The bass is super clean and v-e-r-r-ry deep.
No boominess or muddiness here."

"Extracts that last bit of ambient detail in the midrange and treble that
only the best amplifiers are capable of delivering. The extra detail that
gives this amplifier its sonic realism does not come at the expense of an
overall enhanced treble."

“Very few amps measure this flat in their output impedance or damping

For complete details on the Stage amp, see:
I compared the Theatre Grand II to the Classe SSP-25. Sonically, using digital inputs and the processors' DACS, the nod went to the Sunfire, which I currently use. I'm not sure if the 30 is significantly better than the 25 in this respect. Featurewise, the Sunfire has a tuner, and is 7.1 ready. It also has 3 sub-outs. The SSP-30, however, has an analog mode that allows you to use the subwoofer in 2 channel, while bypassing the digital circuitry (much like the Bryston SP1). The Sunfire can only do that in a very complicated way, that doesn't end up being worth it (email me if you want to know, I tried it). So, if you want to use the DAC in your CD player, or an external, you probably can get better sound out of the Classe. This, of course, as long as it 'synergises' with the rest of your system. Classe tends to be a bit warmer than Sunfire. The Classe is more annoying to use, ergonomically. Anyway, as everyone always says (and they're right), try to audition in-home first. BTW, how on earth can you get a new TG2 for $2400?