Sunfire TGR-401, Onkyo TX NR5008, of NAD T 785HD

My current theater speakers are the sunfire CRS_3 for front L/R, CRS-3C for center, Subrosa for sub, and CRM-2 for surrounds. I am currently using an HK AVR745 which is outdated. The speakers I enjoy since I like the airy sound of a ribbon transducer. I need your help for suggestions. I have used all 3 brands but technology has changed. I am looking for great sound then the extra features.
TGR-401, Onkyo TX NR5008, of NAD T 785HD These are the 3 theater recievers I am considering. Can I get some feedback on them.
I see a good amount of views but no responses. Please if anybody knows about these receivers let me know.
I have the Onkyo and love it
Jayman what kind of speakers do you have?
Monitor Audio Gold Signature 60
nice speakers
The Sunfire does not have hi-def surround.