Sunfire TGA-7401 vs. Parasound Halo A51

I have the Klipsch RF-7 main speakers, RC-7 center, and RS-7 surrounds. I am looking to get a separate amplifier for the speakers. Currently, I am running them off of an A/V receiver. Many people have said that these speakers "open up" with more power.

I am looking at the Sunfire TGA-7401 and the Parasound Halo A51. Any comments/opinions will be appreciated.

So far, I've gathered that the Sunfire has a warmer sound to it while offering less detail (a more mushy sound). The Parasound is more neutral and offers more detail. Is this true? Which would you recommend? I am leaning towards the Sunfire at this point due to it running much cooler (my A/V stand/shelf is closed all around expect the front), has a warmer sound that will offset the brighter nature of my speakers, and has more power.

One more thing! My speakers have an impedance drop to around 2.8 ohms at certain frequencies. Will the Sunfire be up to the task with these speakers? I am pretty sure the Parasound will be.
My Klipsch RF-63/RC-64/RS-35 system also has sub 3ohms dips and my Acurus A200FIVE has no problems at all handling this job. My previous B&K amps also were up to the task and passed with flying colors. I do think the Parasound is probably an overall better amp than the Sunfire but both will do just fine.

I do have another Acurus A200FIVE that I am going to sell if that may be an option.

Maybe ask your same question over at the Klipsch forum. Gobs of RF-7 owners over there powering them with many different amps.

I have a question regarding the TGA-7401's current specs.

On the Sunfire Web site, the TGA-7401 is spec'd to 120 amps of current per channel while weighing 46 lbs. I had an e-mail discussion with Parasound regarding their NewClassic 5250 v.2 and asked them how it was possible for the Sunfire to have so much more current than the Parasound while weighing so much less. They said that they would have to "question" the Sunfire's specs on current by weight is part of the equation when it comes to current. For reference, the Parasound Halo A51 has 60 amps of current per channel while weighing 80 pounds. The Sunfire TGA-7401 has double the current capability while weighing about half as much. Are Sunfire's specs accurate or is something up? I am sure Parasound's input on this matter would be bias so I am looking for an unbiased point-of-view.