Sunfire TG II vs TG III: Differences ???

Does anyone know what the differences are between the Theater Grand II and the Theater Grand III ? I can't find any info about this product and Sunfire's own website still has the TG II listed as their current Pre-Pro. I was also curious as to whether or not anybody has heard whether Sunfire will be offering the "upgrade" program like they did when they went from the TG I to TG II ??? Sean
the tgIII has 2nd zone capability, a new processing chip, DVDA & SACD inputs for multichannel sound, new remote, will not be able to upgrade tgII to tgIII. If you want to get one email me at
I am a sunfire dealer- $ 3000.00
Just called Sunfire and heard they will be offering their upgrade program starting October 1. Price is 1795 unless you're in Washington. Not sure about shipping. You give them a call after October 1 and set it up!

You CAN in fact upgrade from TGII to TGIII for the above mentioned $1795.

Also, here is the link to get full details to the TGIII on the Sunfire website.


Hope that helps the search!