Sunfire Subwoofer question

I recently acquired a Sunfire True Architecture Sub that the amp won't turn on(red indicator is on but won't activate) so I think it needs to be replaced or rebuilt. I have decided to sell it as-is(cabinet has some marks on it but it's in one piece, would make a great second sub or a DIY project). I am seeking some feedback to see what folks think I should price it at or if anyone is interested.....not looking to sell for fortune just won't end up using it like I thought.

It might be worthwhile to call Sunfire factory service -- (800) 622-3526. They used to have flat rates for repairs, something like $400 a few years back.

If they will give you a current flat rate over the phone, you might subtract that amount from whatever is the going price for your model on Audiogon or eBay, then give an extra discount for the hassle factor of having to send it in.

Or you might just send it in and get if fixed for yourself?