Sunfire Subwoofer MKIV

I have been informed by a local shop that my Subwoofer Voice Coil Former in not centered and is rubbing. They advise that they are not able to fix. Sunfire wants me to send the entire unit to them for $275 plus shipping to repair. I live in Canada and the $275 plus shipping will be more that the thing is worth. Anyone have any experience with this.

if it's just the driver -- the speaker part -- it should be a snap to unscrew the rubbing one and pop in a new one... if they'll sell just the driver to you.
Just send the driver. If you have a problem, email Bob Carver directly. You will have to call Sunfire to get the correct email address, put his name in the subject line. You might also talk to Randy. Tell them the problem. I am sure they will accommodate you. He stands behind his products. I am an old friend of Bob's.
Dave Ladely in Seattle
Hi Dave!
Thanks for your response. I have talked to Sunfire a couple of times, they told me on both occasions that I need to send the entire sub to Sunfire. They will charge me $275 to bench test and will ship back. I now have the sub @ a friends home in Minneapolis. I was hoping that he was able to find a local repair facilty, as it is still huge $$ to ship plus the $275. I don't want to bother Bob Carver directly for something trivial as this, but I am looking to upgrade my Rotel stuff and was considering Carver. But it makes it very difficult if servicing is such an issue.

It's to bad this sub is going to end up as a boat anchor.
anyway, just wanted to say thanks!