Sunfire Subwoofer Installation help needed

Aquired a used Sunfire Arch Sig Sub. No manual and I haven't the slightest idea as to how this is installed. My equipment consists of: Adcom GFA-5802 amp
Adcom GFP-750 preamp
Adcom GCD-750 cd
Magnepan 1.6 QR speakers
Stealth CWS balanced XLR interconnects
MIT Ternminator 2 speaker wires

I'm new to this and really need some pro guidance here !!!!
Easy Zen. The best and easiest hook up is to use the single ended(rca) preamp main output jacks to line input jacks on the sub. Still use your balanced from pre to pwr amp. This will send full range to the sub. Use the subs variable low pass filter to pick the frequency you want the sub to START playing at on down to the lowest note. Generally, this is just before your main speaks start to roll off. Your preamp will be the master volume and will raise and lower the sub along with your speaks. Pick the subs volume position based on how much bass you like. For phase adjustment, play something with a steady bass and listen from your main seating spot to the amount of bass at 0, 90' 180 degrees and so on. The correct position is where you hear the MOST bass overall from your listning position. The best place to start with a sub is to put it in the main listing position and walk around the room listning for the best blend of bass with your speakers(most invisible mix of sub and speaks) then switch positions. The subs output jacks are there if you wanted to run from preamp to sub, then sub to power amp. This is a true crossover that will eliminate your main amp from getting any bass below 65hz, therefore your speakers wouldn't get any bass below that mark and the sub would be the only speaker handling those frequencies. This can be usefull with small, wimpy speakers; helping them to play louder with lower distortion, but 98% of the time with any high quality speaker(yours are) your better off not using the crossover. Hope I helped. Mike
Thanks Mkfischer2000. I didn't think you could run both balanced and unbalanced at the same time from the preamp. I guess that is a lack of knowledge with out a doubt. I also thought that the sub had to be run directly into the amp. Again lack of knowledge too. It is a great feeling when you have a community with quality people like yourself whom can help issues at hand. Ok I guess I need to get an RCA end interconnect. I know where I get can a Kimber PBJ rather quickly. Will this work well in this application? Again thanks and I need to chill..........................
You will need 2 interconnects - one for each channel. You might want to start with something inexpensive, and long enough to experiment with placement of the sub. After you have determined where it sounds best, you can purchase a pair of better cables in the correct length. Good luck.

Hello Zeneith:

Congrats on your purchase of an excellent sub.
The Sunfire subs are best away from room boundaries. Try to keep it away from corners. Try the sub midway between your MG 1.6 speakers, either in the same plane or behind.

Try not to turn up the volume (for music) more than 1/4 of the adjustment. For the 1.6 try a crossover setting of about 40Hz (you need to experiment)

Keep in mind that the volume and phase controls are very sensitive. Very small changes in volume and phase will have a noticeable effect on the sound

For seemless blending, after adjusting the volume to the "right level", use the phase control to enhance the blending with the main speakers and to remove the "muddines" and restore the air in your system

Finally, it requires a lot of patience and experimentation.
Musical bliss will not be attained overnight. But the benefits of a well intergrated sub is worth the effort.

Happy listening.

WOW !!! This sub is a marvel in it's self. Those Maggies with out a doubt have a partner !!!! Gmorris I set the sub up between the Maggies. Unbelieveable the lows and how they blend together. As I first started out the volume was a bit high and it litteraky rocked the cd player. So I had to back it off and presto more skips! Your right too. These controls are VERY sensative. I can see where patience is going to be a factor here. I did notice that one of the RCA jacks that I plugged into on the sub was loose. It doesn't appear that you can tighten it from the outside. Is this something that needs attention? I'm happy and I'll experiment until I find the best sound possible. Thanks To everyone for the input too!!!!
Zenieth: Once you can get the sub dialed in ( patience and experimentation are worth their weight in gold here ), you might want to think about an aftermarket power cord for at least your CD player. I purchased a GCD-750 locally for a friend that lives out of state and used it briefly prior to shipping it out to him. I found that this specific player responded VERY favorably to a power cord swap. While using the factory cord, it was an "ok" player. After swapping the power cord, the presentation improved quite a bit i.e. had much blacker background, offered better imaging / soundstage and offered a much sweeter, airier & more "liquid" sound.

You might also want to start reading up on various "tweaks" in terms of being able to minimize the influence that vibrations have on your CD player and other components. Judging by what you've stated here, you're already having problems with either air-borne or floor-borne excitation.

As far as the loose RCA jack goes on the sub, that does need attention. I would call up Sunfire and discuss this with one of their tech's. They have very good customer support as i've dealt with them on several occasions. You can snag their phone number off of the Sunfire website. They do NOT have an email address or offer technical help via the web, so you do have to call. Sean
I own the Architectural Sunfire. (10" front firing) Put that little baby on a Sistrum subwoofer platform stand. If you think you're happy now--just wait. Inxepensive and very effective. for more information. It'll be worth your time and money. I'm not a dealer, just a happy customer.
After talking to the factory tech support. It appears that the loose RCA jack is a big problem. Mainly because it will create or already has an air leak. They also stated that it would have to be returned to the factory for proper repair. I have decided to return the unit to it's original owner under the circumstances. I guess my quest continues for another sub of the same type. Maybe I should purchase a new one instead !! I'm sold on this sub and I will obtain another too !!!!! Thanks to everyone for all of the support and help........................
Just imagine how much better that baby will sound when air tight and sitting on those Sistrums. Search the 'gon Z, you'll find this baby used again, however, if you're willing to go for the Architectural (that'll do it for you, trust me) you can probably get a new one for under a $1000 if you shop around. They are nicely discounted, as a rule.
A new one for under a k ?? Hmmmmm where do I start looking for that kind of deal ? Seriously where ???????
Z, I paid $800 new, for mine. I know that's an amazing deal, given the list. I just fell into that one, but you will find it for under 1k, new. You can't go to the place I bought mine, because they don't ship. If you can get to L.I, NY, then, talk to me. Do your homework. Get on your computer. good luck
Yes you did get a tremendous deal. I've found the regular Architectural unit for under a grand. The signature version I haven't. The best I've found is $ 1350. I'll keep grinding away and your right too !! I'll get another one that doesn't have a jack problem. Once this quest is filled i'll check into the sistruns stand. I did read a little at the sight you provided. Very interesting I may add.........