Sunfire Sub Headaches

Just got my True Sub MK-IV back from Sunfire Repair yesterday. They evidently cured the auto turn on feature, which I suspect might've been bad caps, but they have created another problem it appears.

I did ask them to replace the three pots on the Unit, as they had gotten very loose-sloppy in thier operation.
It appears they did change these, as they now have thier nice firm feel again, but...

Now the Unit barely plays, only providing barely sufficient sound when cranked to the max, and before, at its 0db setting, (which is the midway point), it played comfortably, and was where I ususally set it for normal operation. Now at 0db, nothing, not even if you put your ear to the driver.

I'm suspecting wrong value Pots? Mark
Have you contacted them as you have a valid concern? I have an intermitant problem with a volume pod that cuts out on my Sunfire sub and have put off sending it for repair.
Hello, thanks for your reply.
Yes, I did contact them, but the people you get to speak with over the phone are of little help in 90% of companies like this. They have basically no idea what repairs were done, what parts were changed, etc.

All they do, is take note of the discrepancies-issues noted, issue you another RMA number, and have UPS pick the Unit up, that's all they can do. On the invoice, all it says is repaired-tested, and that's it, no parts list of what parts went in, what came out. This company isn't like McIntosh, where they'll give you a parts list of what was replaced.

I have no choice but to again be at thier mercy. Although the Sub came back in the mint condition it was sent in, I may not fare so well the second time around, with them, or the UPS Goons. Mark

When you call Sunfire, why not talk directly to Randy, who is in charge of the repair deptartment ? Explain to Randy what is going on with the sub and I am sure that he will be more than willing to make things right.

may not fare so well the second time around, with them, or the UPS

As long as you have the original double box that the sub is shipped in, it should be fine
Hello Riley, I did call, and inquire about "Randy", but he apparently either does not work there anymore, or works in another location, perhaps where Sunfire Electronics are repaired? There are now two locations whcih do repair to Sunfire equipment I understand, the Subwoofers are now being repaired in Kentucky, not Washington State.

Anyway, the person in charge of the Subwoofer repair dept is named Bill, and my concerns, and thoughts were relayed to him.

I hope they can get to the bottom of why my Sub produces no sound when set to 0db, which is used to quite well before I had the auto turn on problem, and they initiated repairs. All the Pots were replaced, and I'm of the thought that either a different value pot, or some or reason causes my Sub to only have volume within the last 1/8" of the Volume control.

Same with the X-Over control setting, at 85hz center setting, the sub again barely works, only if it is set to 100hz. Possibly some other issue is involved, and only they know what they did, as I say, there's no work sheet, or parts useage sheet when you get a Sub back from them. Mark
Here's an update on my Sunfire True Sub MK-IV.
My Sub was indeed returned, and was recieved back at the repair facility for the second time.

I was again repeatedly told that my Sub bench tested out to factory specs. Today, when I called to hopefully get a tracking #, (because yesterday they said it was coming back, essentially nothing was done, but another bench test, and that was it)

Well, I was indeed correct about my assumptions of wrong value pots installed in my Sub. One of the people finally admitted to that today, that there were revisions to the Sub, and that my MK-IV Sub did indeed use different value Pots. The schematics they had on hand they claimed evidently didn't show this.

Now, provided the Sub makes the safe trip back next week mon-tues, I should be good to go.

Thought it was wise to post this here as reference for others just in case they run into a similar problem in the future. Mark