Sunfire Signature VS. B&W ASW series

I own a sunfire signature subwoofer and am moderately satisfied. Recently at a local B&W dealer I heard the ASW 3000 (not even the top of the line) and was blown away. At 1/3 of the watts, and less cone area (one 15" active cone rather than two 12" active/passive cones) the B&W sounded incredible. It was able to get the output volume and depth that made me enviouse. More importantly it sounded a lot less "boomy" than the sunfire. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with these subs? I'm thinking about getting rid of my sunfire and don't want to make a mistake based on dealer showroom level tricks. Thanks Joseph
We all know the Sunfire gets boomy when going too high in frequency, and isn't all that fast in absolute terms. It's not servo feedback controlled, so it's an impossibility to be anything other than what it is. My money is on the Velodyne HGS-15, though. I've not Heard the B&W sub, but I really doubt it's anything close to the HGS-15.
Oh, and mine is the Sunfire Pro, which is the same as the Mark 2. I wouldn't ever buy anything based on a comparison set up by a dealer, especially a subwoofer. Just my annoying opinion. I use mine in a 4200 cubic foot concrete room. With it turned most of the way down and the crossover at 35Hz, the whole house still seems like it might launch out of the ground, with the heaviest bass dynamic music. YOU REALLY DO NEED ASC TRAPS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF ANY SUB OR SPEAKER. They've been some of the best things I've ever bought!! For me, it's about being able to afford what I want, and wanting it for a couple of years before I can get it...rather than being able to afford it before I know. Must be nice...good luck.