Sunfire Signature or Aragon 8008BB to power SL3?

Follow goners, I come to you again for help in choosing an amp for my SL3.

After more than a year of searching and collecting funds, it has come down to two amps: The Sunfire signature and Aragon 8008BB. Before arriving to these final two, I have looked at Rotel 1090, Bryston 4B-ST, Odyssey Extreme monos, and Levinson 333. I am not into whether the sound is warm or bright, but just good sound-stage, transients, and tonal balance - things that my previous Onkyo 504 couldn’t reproduce (It had great specs, though!).

I am more impressed with the 8008BB, but I cannot seem to shake-off the Sunfire signature, even though I have seldom come across people associating the Sunfire with “deep unbelievable sound stage”. On the other hand, I am not sure if there is a significant sonic difference between the 8008BB and 8008ST, besides their differences in the number of components and power supply design. The 8008ST has a more appealing price.

The lack of a place to demo has forced me to rely on my fellow Goners, and I am grateful for that. I am looking forward to your advice, opinions, and suggestions.

Are SL 3's electrostatics by Martin Logan? If so then the best amp would be the Innersound ESL. It was specifically designed for them and should be on your short list. Power is 300wpc into 8, 600wpc into 4. These sell for a tad more than an 8008st but once you research it I'm betting you'll think it's a good idea.
I'm using a Sunfire Signature to power a pair of Infinity Rennaiasance 90's. I'm currently using a Luminous Axiom passive preamp with an Audio Research CD-2. I am using Signal Cable interconnects and speaker cables.

The deep soundstage is there.
Yes, they are Martin Logan SL3. I had the Innersound on my list at one time, but lost interest- don't know why?

Well I wouldn't know but after alot of research on the net and over at Audioasylum I bought one and am very pleased to say the least. Over at AA there's numerous people raving as did Harry Pearson and the Absolute Sound and Stereo Times. For the money it's hard to go wrong. The new 330 is 5k but a used ESL 300 can be had for 1200 or so. If you don't like it, which is unlikely, then you can just sell it again for the same money. Cheers
I had an Onkyo M-504 at one time. Also had an Onkyo M-508. They didn't like anything less than 4 ohms. Very directional sounding. Replaced with a pair of Odyssey Stratos Monoblocks. Night and day difference. Wide and deep soundstage. 3-D holographic image. Very detailed, smooth and musical. Currently running Infinity Kappa 9's with 4 Odyssey Stratos Monoblocks and an active crossover. More of everything.
To get the wide deep soundstage I would get an ARC VT-100.
I'm using a ARC VT-60 on my Martin Logan Quest Z's and have them biwired with great sucess.If u don't have provision for biwire on the SL-3's then you would need to move up to the ARC VT-100.With the tube ARC, its been my experience over the years that they mate perfectly with Martin Logan's.
S.S. Gear makes Martin Logan's to analytical,cold,with lack of soundstage expansion.Your ticket IMO is a ARC AMP.
76doublebass, thanks for you input. If I ever consider a tube, it will be a pre-amp. Those ss amps are my last choices. The Oddysey Extreme is a little bit expensive for me and they aren't better than the 8008BB, according to my research. But Warnerwh got me thinking; what speakers did your innersound drive?
Never demoed, and never will in any near future! That is why I rely on your opinion and my instincts! I have a background in electronic engineering, but I have come to learn that selecting audiophile gears requires more than that. So I intend to buy a set of gears at a decent price and then spend the next 10 years building synergy using all the tweeks I can afford. It should be fun!
Nothing wrong with doing your homework. It helps us make a wise decision. Helps us get the most bang for our buck. But when you make a statement that suggests factual information on how an amp will perform, compaired to another, without actually hearing it, seems misleading and a little presumptuous on your part. And I just wanted to call attention to that fact. I also have an electronics background (28 yrs) and specs aren't everything. If they were, both of us would be satisfied with our Onkyo's :>). The proof is in the listening. Maybe you could find a fellow Agoner that has an amp that you are interested in that lives nearby. I'm sure that they would be willing to give you a demo. There are a lot of very good sounding amps out there and whichever you end up choosing, I hope you experience the same kind of satisfaction that I have, everytime you turn your system on. :>)


Please don’t misunderstand me, when I say I won’t be able to demo. There is no place for me to demo. Not whatsoever! But I believe your good advice and my background knowledge will lead me to something I can work with, at a lower price. I also believe you did understand me when I said that specs aren’t a thing. I sold the Onkyo (I hate to mention it again – it feel like I owned a Bose!) more than a year ago. Since then, I have been searching for a replacement – something that is very musical and yet cheap ($800 - $1400).

When I research, I always try to match peoples’ opinions on an amp and the speakers they are using. This should hep me on establish some initial synergy. The rest I will do it through tweeking. It should be fun.
I ended up with the 8008BB. It is sound much much better than my ex-Onkyo (for obvious reasons :). I also bought the Aragon Aurum preamp, hoping for a synergy.