Sunfire Signature Amp

Have chance to pick up used unit. Interested to know if anyone owns it & what speakers they drive with it ? What's a reasonable price for used unit ? Thanks.
One simple statement: The Signature will drive ANY speaker : )

Honestly though, whether or not it is a good sonic match for your speakers or system is another matter. I would say that the amp is very quick and clean but lacks the extreme "punch" or bottom end "slam" of some other potent "monster sized" amps. While Carver's circuitry is extremely efficient, it does not have the instantaneous power supply reserve that is required to "pile drive" a massive woofer array on demand. This is not to say that the bass is weak or sloppy, it just doesn't have massive "impact" like a Krell or big Perreaux, etc...

Nonetheless, it can deliver the goods and never seems to run out of steam no matter what you throw at it. Mids and treble are capable of being quite sweet and airy IF properly matched. Keep in mind that you will need a dedicated HEAVY DUTY power line to get full output out of this amp. This might not be a problem if you listen at lower levels or have pretty efficient speakers. Either way though, i would still recommend a dedicated line for best results.

I have some very inefficient sealed towers that are low impedance that i used to biamp. With 400 wpc on top and 600 wpc on the bottom, i could still drive the amps into compression. I replaced the two amps with one Sunfire Signature (1200 wpc @ 4) and it was a "done deal". Louder and WAY cleaner. The Signature NEVER sounds strained nor does it get "cookin' hot" like the other two hi-bias amps used to. While i did lose some bottom end "slam", the overall amp swap was a BIG improvement.

Keep an eye out for which version of this amp your looking at. There are a couple of different versions floating around. While the earliest ones had a captive power cord, they also had their best large gauge metal binding posts. These could take at least 10 gauge wire and maybe even 8. While some of the mid period models had captive power cords and some had IEC jacks, they all had cheezy red and black plastic knobbed binding posts commonly found on "mass market" amps. The latest production models have removable IEC power cords and use Monster metal binding posts. Still not as good as their original metal posts, but MUCH better than the plastic ones.

A really good price on a used one is in the range of $1500 - $1800 if in mint shape. I typically see them listed for $1800 - $2300 or so. I snagged my Sunfire Signature from Dr. Craig of Nearfield Acoustics ( aka Pipe Dreams ) for a very good price with full warranty. I use it to drive the mains in my HT system with a Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature to drive the center, surrounds and subs. If you have any specific questions about these units, feel free to email me. Sean
That amp can drive any speaker you want without a problem, hence the term "load invariant". So just pick your favorite speaker.
I guess I submitted mine right when sean did, go with his explanation.
I drive a pair of Infinity Kappa 9's with my Sunfire Signature. I had bi-amped them with an active crossover with 2 260 wpc Yamaha MX-1000 amps, but the K 9's can drop to 0.9 ohm down low and the protection would always kick in. Never a problem with the Sunfire. I too have noticed a bit less bass, but I am not sure if that is a result of the Sunfire amp or the tube pre-amp I switched to at the same time (also Sunfire) I have a Thor TA-1000 I am going to hook up to see if it is the pre-amp or amp that is causing the lack of low end response. But I say go for it. You will never find a more powerful amp for the price. But of course be sure that you really NEED the power. I did. Let me know if you have any questions.