Sunfire's new "Ultimate Receiver worth 4 grand?

Thinking of buying this.Sounds terrific,the cost to go seperate 5 channel amp,and processor,is "alot" more.Cannot justify price.Wh of this receiver??????at do you think
Only you know what you are willing to pay to enjoy the pleasure of life-like music in your home. Now, if you would rather spend say $2995, I highly recommend the Plinius 8200 MkII. 30 day in-home trial available from
If you want movies and music in an easy to use system it is a good deal. If you look around you can find it cheaper than that. The processor is very good if it is the same as the theatergrand. I have a theatergrand and it is killer and is very easy to use. All the top of the line receivers for home theater are 3-4 grand. You will need lots of speakers to get full use out of it. The sunfire theatergrand III is about $3500 new. ($2500 on the net).That makes the receiver sound not to bad price wise. I don't know how good the amps in it are. Still its a lot of money so only you can make that call. You should also check out B&K receiver and for just a little less quality but a lot less money outlaw audio has a receiver alot of peaple really like.
I would take 'lesser' seperates now in order to maintain flexability down the road, rather than putting $4k into a receiver. If you aren't the kind of person to upgrade though, it might be good for you.
The unit has the preamp section of the Theater Grand III, which is a very good prepro, I used to sell them as a rep for sunfire... the issue for you will be will two hundred watts per channel suffice for an indefinite length of time, long enough to pay back the 4K.... personally, it looks like a home run unless your into changing gear in and out....
it has 9 channel pre-outs, so it is expandable to separates - good way to start off and get the prepro of TGIII with some good quality amps built in until you want external amps. Only difference is that the TGIII has balanced outs, the UR's are unbalanced. Still seems like a fair trade off.
The cost is more? There must be 3 or more EAD Ovations for sale here (note: including mine) that are AMAZING in 2-channel and great in 5 channel. They all go for less than $2000. I'm sure there are plenty of alternatives, too. For your remaining $2000, look for a powermaster 1000, 200w/5channel. There's one for sale right now for $1800. It'll distribute all power to 2 channels when playing CDs, but it'll spread even power to all 5 when watching a movie. These are GREAT components. The guy selling the powermaster 1000 also has an encore proc for sale and is willing to sell BOTH for $3100. You have PLENTY of choices to go separates if you'd like.