Sunfire Receiver or Separates and Magneplanar Spea

Looking to build a new HT system around a large plasma screeb. From an easthetic POV and WAF, the MAggies sure look interesting, particularly the models they sel direct. I've read the various posts on the Forum regarding power requirements, and liited extension so wondering if a solution built around the latest Sunfire recevier would work. The room wont be huge, but not sure the smallest maggie set up will cut it, Was thinkink about the slightly more expensive direct sale Maggies (3 pairs) and thier larger center channnel. Any thoughts? Sunwoofer recommendations?
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I am not sure of the sunfire reciever that you are looking at, but as long as you have greater than 125 W into 4 ohms you are golden. The Maggies MMG-W and MMG-C system is fantastic, and if you read reviews, which can be believed by the way, one of the best values in all audio. Depending on budget and room I would suggest a small Sunfire sub (MK Jr?), a Velodyne DD-10, one of the Talon subs, or Rel. There are other good choices as well.

One thing that you will need, is the Outlaw Audio ICBM. It is a very simple analog bass management system. Your processor may do this for you, I am not sure, but if it does not, this is a great about $200 (used) solution.

This is a great choice, and you won't be sorry.
I'd be definitely doing separates with those powerhungry maggies, and cossing them up high! They don't handle dynamic power well, and are more "delicate speakers". I used to sell Maggies, and they don't handle the goods so well as it is. I'd cross em over at 100hz or so, and fiddle around, using maybe some fast 8" subs to mate up front with em.
While you can get a pretty, clear, and detailed sound from Maggies, getting em to handle dynamics is a challenge, to say the least. I'd go with maybe some Adcom or NAD separates for better power handling dubties, without breaking the bank.
good luck
From what I have been hearing, that set-up would not cut it for Home theater, what about looking at Eminent Technology Hybrid Planars? you need more low end for movies then the mags have to offer IMO
Seems like Macdadtexas and Chadnliz and I follow each other around these threads on planars.
I've used both the Maggie 1.6s as well as the Eminent Technology LFt-8's. If you use smaller Maggies, you'll want a subwoofer (preferably a fast one with multiple 8" or so drivers, not a huge 12"-15" driver, to keep up with the planar bass). With the Eminent's you may get by without a subwoofer. I communicated with Bruce Thigpen, the designer/owner of the Eminents, super guy, with a wonderful speaker. (By the way, he is very sensible with the contstruction of the speaker panels. Due to shipping problems, a pair of used LFT-8's I had bought suffered damage. Bruce helped me obtain replacement parts, and I was able to rebuild the speaker in the field rather than ship it back and forth again.)
I'm using the Maggie surrounds MMG-W at $299/pair. They work very well with either main speaker. I also use the MMG-C center at $300. It's a great deal to get a 7.1 surround speaker system set up for under $1K! Just watch that you get plenty of support on the walls to hang the maggie surrounds - they're not light! Oh, yes, and if it matters to you, the Maggie surrounds can be mounted upside down as well allowing the wire leads coming from them to be positioned where you wish.