Sunfire, Paradigm or Velodyne

OK, i think i've narrowed it down to three subs and now i need some input. All are in the same ball park as far as price, so before i kick down some dough, thought i would pick your brains. 1) Sunfire Solitaire 12; 2) Velodyne SPL1200 II; 3) Paradim Seismic 12. Room size is 13' x 17'(actually where the carpet ends, but opens into the kitchen and dining room) and ceilings are 8'. I chose these for their small size which is important for the WAF. If i'm missing a small but powerful sub that you think i should consider, i'm always open.
The REL Q series are small amps with enough output for that sized room. I am using the Q108E for music in a room that is 13' x 10' with 17 foot ceilings and it has more than enough output for me. $750 new.
I'm using Sunfire subs because I was captivated by Bob Carver's innovative technology. They seem to work well with my systems (I have five of them in various rooms.) Another brand that looks a lot like Sunfire and may be comparably acceptable for WAF is Earthquake.

Also, REL has a line of subs dubbed the "Q" range that might be worth checking out. Notably, REL's regular line of "ST" subs has gotten good support from other posters here on Audiogon. (Personally, I replaced an old REL Studio Mark II with a Sunfire True Sub Mark II in one system, and the sound improved noticably.)
What will you be using it for. Music or movies. The Sunfires are nice for movies, but don't cut it for music. They are just too slow. The REL's work great with both. The Q108E that Tgrisham suggested is a great choice. The wife will love the look, and you will love the sound.
Get one of the DD series subs from Velodyne. Everything else is outdated. You need to spend a little more money,but it sure is worth it.