Sunfire MK-IV Sub reluctant to turn on

Thought this might be better in this forum.
My Sunfire has seemed to become more, and more reluctant over the last two months to turn on once signal is applied. For awhile, I thought it was maybe a dirty Volume Control, as rotating it seemed to wake it up for awhile. I cleaned all Pots with DeOxIt to no avail.

Sad thing is, whatever part that is going south I have no idea what, and it appears Sunfire doesn't sell any parts, just touts thier service, with a flat rate repair of $275, One apparently cannot simplify the repair by just sending the Amplifier Board to them, they state on thier site the entire 50lb Sub must be sent to them.
How hard is it for an end user to connect two speaker wires?! Any ideas? Thanks, Mark
mark. i had the same problem a few years ago. turns out when sunfire repaired the unit, it was a couple of components that had to be replaced on the amp board. the $275 was well worth it to me at the time since they also warrantied it for another year and upgraded it from a MKII to an MKIV. (my unit blew the driver once and blew the amp once only because i drove it so hard to test its limits.) i've since had no more issues with the unit - still rocks after almost 10 years. i've also since calmed down my urge to test its limits since i now have the signature sub also.