Sunfire Load Invarient 2 channel amp 2 x 300

Can anyone tell me the current Blue Book price and / or last sold prices for 1 of these amps? There are a couple on eBay I am looking at and want to make a realistic offer to purchase. I have 1 now looking for another to vertically bi-amp to my Appogee Centaur Majors running through a cj pv12-al pre that I got here at the a'gon. (fantastic piece!) Is it worth the $'s for improved performance? I have read a few threads on doing this with the sig series, but none on the original 300W version.

No replies???
There is no listing under that name in the Audiogon Blue Book.
The Sunfire 300, came out in 1996. Last sold was$770.
The Sunfire 300-2 came out in 2004. Last sold was $920.

Good luck.
Thanks Rgurney- that be the one!
I think the 1996 one was when Bob Carver still owned the company- that is probably the one I have. The 300-2 was when he sold the company but stayed on as a consultant...I could be wrong though. They should both be the same amp though. Anyone know for certain?
300x2 $700-$800 on eBay
More if "refreshed"