Sunfire HRS-10 or SVS SB-2000

Greetings once more. As a follow up to a previous thread about matching a subwoofer to my new Magnepan .7's, I have pretty much narrowed it down to the 2 above subs. I have to base my decisions on the advise here and what I read on the internet. Both of these subs get strong reviews and are in my budget. So, I ask for Audiogon brethren, what are your thoughts and experiences on these 2 subs? My priority is musical reproduction and not home theater bombast.

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I have owned the SVS SB-1000 and it was an outstanding sub. SVS has free shipping and a 45 in home trial. SVS is a great company to deal with. I don’t think you would go wrong with the SVS!

if you can demo these potential subs- do so prior to any purchase.
Otherwise, Sunfire would be the better sub.
Sadly, I live too far from any potential audio stores, hence my reaching out to my fellow Audiogoners for advise. One vote for Sunfire.

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if you can consider a REL sub (would sonically match your Maggies) then this is up for another consideration. I have heard both Sunfire + REL on several occasions, several different systems/rooms and neither disappoints.

Thank you though I have read where REL is not what they used to be...
The Rythmik subs are gaining in popularity amongst planar owners, They are very "fast", the patented Direct Servo Feedback design keeping the cone under tight control. The space between notes is not filled in with inter-transient noise, and the cone returns to "rest" without over-shoot. The DSF circuit even compensates for the change in electrical characteristics that is found in all woofers as their voice coil temperature increases under heavy load. Rythmiks are characterized as sounding "leaner" than other subs, with none of their often thick, heavy-footed bloat.