Sunfire CRM-2 - rave in TAS, anyone else?

Carver's latest design sure got a rave review in The Absolute Sound. Has anyone else heard them?
I had them for a while, they do throw a good soudstage, and while they can do the extreme volumes they claim, they aren't listenable to at that level. If you have a room you need mini speakers in and want good sound to moderate levels, they will work well when paired with a sub or two (I prefer four)
I purchased a pair of CRM-2's February 08 for my L/C/R front of my HT. (I am downsizing, needed more living space out of my 14x15 room. They are replacing my Carver AL III's which have been my mainstay for the last 12 years. The challenge was indeed great). I have clocked in about 50 hours of break in and they sound awesome. They are not upfront in your face speakers but provide a "wave" of music that just seems to engulf me and draws me into the experience of the music or movie instead of just being a listener. Very much what I was use to with the AL III's. The key with these speakers is the choice of subwoofer. It must be powerful, dynamic and match up in speed and definition up to the cross over point (100 Hz worked beautifully for me with my HSU 1225 sub powered by the HSU model 500 amp). I am convinced that a full blown 5.1 (or 7.1) will in my future! I am driving these speakers with a Sony ES4 (100watts per) receiver with very satisfying results. I have heard them demo'd with Sunfire Amps (which I use to own) and they become dynamically explosive while retaining inner detail that sometimes has you saying "what was that" when listening to familiar music or movies. I say that I am getting about 90 to 95% of the experience with the Sony but don't lust for the "ultimate" because I am having so much fun with the "experience" of whatever I am listening too or watching!!! I've been into high end sound gear for over 35 years. Too much $$$ spent over the years. lol. I consider these an honest bargain at their price point, but like any foundation, you cannot cut corners with the Sub(s) as I described.