Sunfire CRM ?

Wondering if a system based on Sunfire CRM-2's would be satisying in a 4000 cu ft room? Also have an even larger space under consideration.
I have these speakers for my second; bedroom set up. My room is around 22 x 15; with high vaulted ceilings. they sound fine; but I rarely turn up the volume. if its your main listening setup; you may want something that can move more air; or if you want minimal speaker intrusion; with wall mounted speakers; these will work great..
Let us know what you decide. These speakers are very detailed and spacious; and surprisingly good for size and price; but you need to use a subwoofer with them, of course.
I'm also considering the CRM2's for a music / home theater in a very similarly proportioned room . I was wondering if you, or any other reader, had any experience with replacing the usual CRM2C center channel speaker with one of the CRM2's ? A couple of reviewers had commented on the limited dispersion of sound from the horizontally oriented ribbon in the usual / suggested center channel speaker. [Sunfire aware of this, as they reportedly place a wave guide in that speaker's grill?]

Also, in a ~4,000 cubic foot room, has anyone found one (Sunfire or other) good sub to be inadequate for smooth lower bass? (Not trying to simulate earthquakes; more interested in smooth integration of a sat / sub system.)

I use the CRMs with a subwoofer as an outboard sound system with the Kawai digital piano in my living room. Once you get the x-over dialed in for the sub, this is a pretty good sounding system. Dynamic/potent enough in the upper bass to sound satisfying in the second full octave (above A2, where the sub hands off). No meaningful bass output much below there, though - NEEDS to be used with a subwoofer.

My living room is 23' x 14', with a 17' peaked ceiling.


PS I prefer to have a sub handle frequencies up to at least 80-90hz in any application, so the sub can be used to address room issues in the bass. This almost always means low cut filtering the main speakers. However, the limited output below 100hz means that this is one of the few speakers that I won't actively low cut for sub mating. I just use the sub's high cut filter to "snug up" under the CRM's natural bass roll off in the "audiophile purist's" style.