Sunfire Classic Vacuum Tube Preamplifier: Yes/No?


I am thinking of adding another tubed preamp to my system, one that is slightly warm, sweet, and romantic, but one that does not rob the music of its detail, transparency, and impact.

Has anyone heard the Sunfire Classic Vacuum Tube Preamp? I heard it five years ago and was favorably impressed. It was warm and romantic with a huge sound stage. Was I mistaken? Is the Sunfire preamp to be taken seriously?

My other preamps include the Proceed AVP, Conrad-Johnson PV-14LS, and Kylne System 7.

Thanks for your help.

I bought one used a couple of years had all of the qualities that you mentioned....the thing I didn't like about it was that it was very lean as you went up in volume. I understand that the later models have a beefier power supply and corrected that problem...I haven't heard the later model....if you buy a used one, be sure and get the serial number before you buy and call Sunfire to find out if it is a later model with the better power supply.

Thanks for your reply.

I plan to buy a new one. It's going for about $2,500.

I also plan to do some tube rolling. Besides, I don't listen at very loud levels. I sit 10 feet away from my speakers (Martin Logan Ascents, and I don't like to exceed 80 dB at my listening position.

Thanks again for your input.
Heard it and loved it.