sunfire classic vacuum tube preamp

  I have been looking for a tube preamp for some time now.  I would like a pre that has balanced outputs and I am looking for a warmer sound.  I noticed that there are a couple sunfire classic preamps for sale on audiogon and it looks like this could be a good choice for me.  Can anyone with experience in this preamp let me know what the sound is like and if this is a good preamp,  thanks
Well I heard this preamp once and it was years ago in a retail store and at the time I thought it sounded nice, good holographic imaging seemed transparent but with totally unfamiliar equipment. However I thought and checked online and this preamp retails for $1500 but both units I see for sale here are around $2500? Perhaps I'm missing something but they don't seem like very good deals. Lots of good used  tubed preamps in the $2500 price range though few of the tubed units I see for sale now have balanced outputs.
  thanks for the response jond,  I do agree the price seems a little high.  One of the ads is combined with a sunfire amp and he is willing to sell just the pre for less.  I think if I didn't need the balanced output I would look into something like Conrad Johnson.  I also asked about a musica bella preamp but got no feedback regarding that pre.
it's rare full function preamp of a good quality. i remember several years ago you could purchase it half-way down used. now new ones twice as much worth they were new.
i guess it tells something about quality and performance.