Sunfire classic tube vs sunfire symphonic referenc

Anybody hear the difference between the classic tube and the symphonic reference ? Which one you say better ? Any comment are great and helpful !
My understanding is the Symphonic gear is Sunfire's budget line. I only know that the Sunfire classic tube gets very good reviews.
You should look in the archives.

Wow, you have a nice system.
Much better than symphonic line. Much harder to find at right price. Good unit and good customer service.
Actually, Symphonic Line is a very expensive, very well respected line of high end gear from Germany. Odyssey Audio is the importer.
I had a Sunfire Classic tube preamp and it was a dog. Very thin sounding with no dynamics. I got rid of it as soon as I could. I understand that there were two generations of that preamp. The second generation was supposed to have a beefier power supply. I probably got one of the first generation units.

I have no experience with the Sunfire Symphonic line.
Symphonic Line is different to Symphonic Referense by Bob Carver.
Thank you so much guys your comments are very help full !