Sunfire cinema Grande II or rotel 1095?????

I'm moving into home theater and I need help on making a choice on amps. The two amps that meet my budget criteria are the sunfire cinema Grand II and the rotel 1095. I can get these for within a few dollars of each other. I plan on going to a set of the new Maggie surround set up. (the w's and C) . Which one if these do you think would be better. I'll be using them with and Ead ovation pre/processor. while comments about other amps are welcome these are the two amps I really need opinions on. Has anyone a/b'd them against each other. Main thing I want is non-fatiguing sound. (sweet high end). I enjoy these forums and thank you guys and girls in advance for your help. I also will be using them for music listenig and opinions on these amps for that purpose would be appreciated.
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little late huh!!! yes i have had the opportunity to play with both of these amps ,rite off the bat i will say te sunfire is warmer, more tube like,with an enormous soundstage,almost never runs out of snapp,and will drive almost any load!!, but in terms of soft laid back sound, the rotel cleans up! although it can play very loud without losing its composure, it seems to shine at moderate levels conveying all those fine details!! there is no clear cut winner here, they both do things very well,also check out the parasound 2205!!
this guy has probably dumped 3 amps in the time it took for an answer!
I'd say 4 amps, but who knows..... Anyhow - Sunfire, hands down, especially with the ability to biwire with current and voltage outs.