Sunfire Cinema Grande balanced?

Had a wonderboy from one of our larger chain stores tell me that the Cinema Grande does not have true balanced XLR jacks on it. That they are only two wire and therefore merely an RCA in XLR clothing. Does anyone know if this is true or not? Short of pulling my amp and removing covers I have wondered.
Check the unit specifications for the XLR pinout. If it lists positive, negative, and ground (I forget the corresponding pin numbers) then it is a true XLR. I doubt that Bob Carver would pull a stunt like this which would border on fraud if the XLR is only two wire.
Sometimes cost can dictate even in the higher end audio world. I was also told that pins 1 and 3 are shorted internally to make everything work correctly with no one knowing the better of it. I love my Sunfire but don't wan't to waste my hard earned cash upgrading to XLR when it would not be an upgrade at all.