Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature

I currently own the ATI 1505 and want to upgrade to the Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature. Any feedback both positive and negative will be helpful.

Great Amp! I owned it before my krell stuff. Other than a little lean in the bass, it has outstanding sound. I didnt notice the bass untill I replaced it with an amp costing three tims as much. Good luck!........Vader
I agree with Vader. Nice sounding amp overall, but the bass response is on the "quick & light" side of neutral. While it will never run out of steam, it doesn't have "slam" like some other high powered SS amps. What it does have in bass response is tight and articulate though. Please don't take this as me saying that it is either bright, forward or "weak", as it pretty well balanced overall and on the smooth side of things.

You might want to audition one of these in your system ( if that's possible for you ) before buying one. If the rest of your system is "lean" or overtly "forward" or "bright", the addition of the CG Sig with it's "quick" bottom end might not compliment it.

As an added benefit, one of the nice thing about this amp is the added versatility of being able to select either the "voltage" or "current" outputs at your convenience. Two different sounds simply by switching binding posts.

Should you have questions about this amp, feel free to email me. Sean