Sunfire Cinema Grand or Earthquake Cinenova?

Are these amps as good as they look? I am kinda stuck right now. I own a Bryston 4B-ST. To complete the home theater I need to purchase another 3 channels (6B-ST). Or, I could sell the Bryston 4B-ST and for around the same price as the 6B-ST I could get a used Sunfire Cinema Grand (Signature?) or the Earthquake Cinenova Grande. From what I've read, they seem to have impressive numbers, but will they produce the goods? I do not have the ability to audition any of these amps. I need an amp that can produce the goods into low impedance while at the same time do justice quality-wise to my speakers, I am driving B&W Nautilus 804s and HTM-1 center. Right now I'm having to limp along with an Acurus 125x5--a good amp, but not able to deliver at higher volumes. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
The Sunfire Cinema's are slightly more forward sounding than their counterpart 2 channel amps. Having said that, they retain most of the same characteristics as the 2 channel's with different power levels, more channels, etc... They also offer the versatility of being able to use two different sonic characters ( voltage or current sources ) within the same amp. The Signature model has this feature for the FR, FL and center whereas the standard Cinema Grand might only have it for the mains. Can't remember exactly, so you might want to check into it if you truly are interested.

Both amps provide plenty of steam and i can't see you ever straining even the smaller one with the speakers that you have. I ran the 200 / 400 wpc version with my 86 db 4 ohm speakers and it would CRANK without smearing. The 400 / 800 wpc Signature model just gave me more headroom to play with.

As to differences between the Sig and non-Sig models, the obvious difference is the power rating. While i don't know if it was strictly a matter of production tolerances or slight differences in design, we did find some differences in the two amps. In my Father's system, he preferred the standard "non Sig" 200 / 400 wpc model. In my HT system, i preferred the 400 / 800 wpc Signature model. This worked out well, as his speakers are about 6 db's more efficient than mine and i needed the extra power more than he did.

While i can't comment on the Earthquake amp, i had previously run an Acurus 200X3 in this system. This was their "new and improved" version of the amp, the "A" version. Don't know if you have the "A" or not, but even with the slightly larger power supply and "smoother" top end that it was supposed to offer over the earlier versions, it was NO match for the Cinema Grand's in terms of finesse, details or smoothness. Hope this helps and feel free to drop me a line should you feel the need. Sean
I have the Sunfire Cinema Grand which I am running with a pair of Legacy Classics for both home theater and music, and I have to admit that I am in seventh heaven. I am biamping the Classics with two channels apiece and using the fifth for the center.

I am not an "Audiophile" by which I mean that I have not listened to every piece of gear that is out there to find the "ultimate" component, nor am I that interested in doing so. but I do know what I like. Sean is right the Sunfire Cinema does not have current source for the center channel, only the mains. Another difference is that the Signature is rated down into 1 ohm (time limited basis), while the non-Sig is only rated to 2 Ohms.

As far as the amplifiers ability to get loud, the Classics are rated at 92 dB, and the Sunfire and them CRANK, and as Sean mentioned, the sound stays clean. to give you an idea how much I like this combination, I have another set of the Classics coming in for the rear channels (and that means another Sunfire to go along).

Hope this helps,
Hey Greg, we'll have to get together and compare notes. My Dad is running the CG with Legacy 1's (earlier versions of the Classic ) and Legacy Studio's for center and surrounds. After several different amps, this is the one that he likes best. I'm still working on dialing in his system in terms of cabling, etc... Mind if i drop you an email sometime soon ???? Sean
Not in the least, actually I'd love the dialog! I am working on cables at the moment myself.
Both would do your system well but the build quality of the EarthQuake is in another league compared to the Sunfire. If it were my system, I'd go with the Cinenova. Sonically you may notice slight differences here and there but the build difference between the two is great.
If you are interestd in the Earthquake Cinenova, I can sell you a brand new unit for the lowest possible price. This is a true muscle amp without peer. You should also check out their subwoofers, which are one of the great bargains anywhere for a world class subwoofer.