sunfire cinema grand II vs rotel 1095

I'm moving into home theater and I need help on making a choice on amps. The two amps that meet my budget criteria are the sunfire cinema Grand II and the rotel 1095. I can get these for within a few dollars of each other. I plan on going to a set of the new Maggie surround set up. (the w's and C) . Which one of these do you think would be better. I'll be using them with and Ead ovation pre/processor. while comments about other amps are welcome these are the two amps I really need opinions on. Has anyone a/b'd them against each other. Main thing I want is non-fatiguing sound. (sweet high end). I enjoy these forums and thank you guys and girls in advance for your help. I also will be using them for music listening and opinions on these amps for that purpose would be appreciated.
I am not a home theater type of a person,but in your case I would go for the SUNFIRE .My home theater set up is rather
I never play music on that system ,it just sounds thin.
Only movies and loud sound effects.

Best luck
I think that this specific Rotel is a sturdy amp. Having said that, i think that the Sunfire is both more versatile ( two different sounds in one amp ) and less fatiguing sounding. I would also recommend running the Sunfire in balanced / XLR mode if possible. Just make sure that your pre-pro is pinned out the same. Sunfire's use the "American" pin-out on XLR's whereas many other companies use the "European" pin out. Trying to combine a Euro based pre-pro pin-out with an American pinned amp will not provide the results that the components are capable of. If you need more info about the Sunfire, fire away. Sean
I have an EAD Signature and use to own an EAD Powermaster 2000 (awesome amplifier I sold to buy 2channel amplification for my audio system). I replaced it with the Sunfire Cinema Series II 225x5 Architeture series (17" wide and 12volt turn on). I love the fact that it runs cool in my rack and that is one reason I bought it versus a mosfet style like the Rotel so if you are going to hide it away get the Sunfire. Rotel has better quality control (my sunfire hissis a little on the back speakers but the fronts are silent, my friends has one of the RCA's wired wrong, and had to reseat an amp card (but his is a lot older first generation series). I've heard the Rotel with the Rotel 1098 processor and B&W 803's at another friends.. Pretty impressive.. you need lots of watts for mags... think 4ohm current, so the rotel will heat up (give it ventilation).