Sunfire Cinema 7 replacement

hello everyone
could you recommend a replacement for my cinema 7 which recently died. it was teamed up with a Sunfire TGP-5 and bose's 802's. i mainly like big sound for movies and classic rock.
i was told i need a lot power for the 802's to sound right.
thanks for your help

Why not just get it repaired? It's a nice amp(s) that you like and has the power you need. Replacing would also be much more expensive than repairing. The Sunfire uses a class d switching power supply that would not be very expensive to replace, if that was the cause of the breakdown.

You could also have the repair tech check out the class A/B amp sections and replace any caps, etc that are questionable. You should probably at least get a repair estimate.

If you're set on replacing it, you should post your budget, power needs and sq preferences,

I went from a full Sunfire separate system in my own home theater, to all Arcam gear. (the amp is a P7) I prefer the Arcam. I still have both. The Sunfire is now in my living room. For the heck of it, I recently swapped the Sunfire back into my main room. The difference was immediately noticeable, and the two are now back in their normal places. I like the Sunfire pre/pro a lot, but, the amps are pretty easy to beat IMO. I think there are many good choices, I'm only speaking of what I know first hand.

***dealer for both***

Did you decide what you're going to do with your amp?

Just curious,