Sunfire CG versus Aragon 2005

Wanting to add a separate power amp to my 5.1 system and keep HK receiver as pre-amp/processor for a while. Using very efficient Klipsch classic speakers (Chorus II, Forte II and Quartet).

Unable to demo/compare directly. Will appreciate any experience/insights on how these amps should sound with the Klipsch speakers... and how to choose between them. Also interested in differentiating features regarding eventual upgrade of pre-amp/processor.

This may or may not help but I just upgraded from a B&K 305 reciever to a aragon stageone & aragon 2007, I am using silverline audio speakers(sonatina,center,pantella plus tyler ref moniter)all very efficent speakers >90 in a 7.1 system. The soundstage improved, highs and mids are cleaner more natural. The amp runs cool with plenty of power in researve all in all I am very happy with the change