Sunfire, Bedini 803, Mac to drive Apogee Scintilla

Debating about buying a pair of Apogee Scintillas in very good shape..I have a Sunfire Signature amp, Bedini A803 or a Mac MC2600 will any of them give the desired results, heard that PS audio 2 might be a good choice??

You need to find out if the specific pair you're considering are the 1 ohm speaker, or the version that
has a selectable 1 ohm/4 ohm load.
It is the one ohm model with 1.5 inches between the spaces on the ribbons
That drops the field of candidate amps by a large percentage.
I'm not familiar with the amps you've listed...
I have a pair of Pass Aleph 2s. They drive my 3 ohm Apogee Stages, easily. On my Stages, in my room, they have plenty of power. My listening levels are not that loud.
Do not by any of the Scintilla. You would be better suited with a set of Apogee Duetta Signatures. Sonically the Duetta Signautre is a better speaker than the Scintilla and the Diva. Now keep in mind " this is my opinion". I have owned Scintillas, Divas, and Duetta Signatures and I like the Duetta Duetta's the best. They also happen to be easier to dive than the scintilla but except for the Diva which is a little easier to drive than the Duetta. Sonically the Duetta is king except for the Full Range. You will better suited with an amp that has real current. Like a Pass Labs X250.5 or bigger or early Krell KSA series.
Thesoundhouse, What about the Apogee Stage? I know you rebuild Apogee speakers for resale. Are replacement parts still available for the Stage? Which models do not have replacement parts available at this time?
I have the apogee Scintilla's 1 ohm
On low organ bass the mid range ribbons flutter a lot
I drive them with the pass x600 anps
Do i need a amp with more current
Or how do i solve this problem