sunfire amps good??

I am amp searching & I do not know what I should look at. Are the sunfire products good for the money? or should I look at Rotel, Adcom? Any other options?? I would like 300+watts at 8 ohms preferably 400+ & I need to keep it under $1,500. FWIW my speakers are known to drop to under 4 ohms at times.
I think your choice is a good one.
It is a very good amp for the money.
You can also try new Nad Master Series and Parasound Halo.
Both exelent amps.
Look at the add for Parasound amps good build and lot of power at a great price. The 3500 amp on audigon its a great amp. check it out.These amps are better than Rotel and Adcom nothing wrong with Rotel or Adcom just the Parasound 3500 is a proven amp. Look up all the old reviews.
I used a Sunfire Stereo II amp to drive Maggies for a few years. Maggies are not very tough loads (4 ohms, flat impedance curve, 86db) but they do open up with good power. The Stereo II provided 325 / 650 watts 8 / 4 ohms, and for $800 - $1000 used they're a good value.
They run cool, and mine ran well for 4 years or so and I was the 2nd owner.
I thought the amp was a good match for my Maggies, but when I went to Martin Logans @ 90db efficiency, I found I could go for a more refined amp with less power.
thanks everyone.... kappa 8.1's are what it will power. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off selling the speakers & getting something a little newer/more effecient.
If you like the sound of your speakers, getting newer ones would be a roll of the dice. In the pricce range, I would also look at McCormack amps.
cheers apo
I was also going to mention McCormack, and you would be wise to watch for an older Bryston 250B which would fall in your price requirements.

When I built my first system I had a Bryston 250 amp sitting under my bed for a year while I saved up for the other components. That was a tough year.

Good luck on your quest, and welcome to the insanity.