Sunfire amps

I'm looking for a beefy amp for hometheater and have been looking at sunfire amps for a while. Now they've come out with a new line of amps. I'm interested in 5 channels, so my choices are the original cinema grand signature 405x5, the cinema grand signature II 425x5 and now the 400~5. Other than minute changes in the wattage, does anyone know of any difference between these amps that would impact the sound. The sunfire website offers absolutely no information on this. I'm also interested in people's opinions as to the musicality of this amplifier as I'm going to stick my pioneer 47a in this setup for multichannel DVD-A and SACD.
I'm not familiar with the latest series of Sunfire amps, but i do know that there were several design revisions for the series II amps. This included a sturdier power supply and some capacitor upgrades, so the revisions made should be quite beneficial. I would have to assume that those same revisions were incorporated into the newer series of amps, but that would be pure speculation on my part. You might want to call up Sunfire technical support and talk to Robert there. He's the most knowledgable person in that department that i've found. While he's as honest as his position will allow him to be, he's also very business-like. As such, pick and choose your questions carefully and you can get the answers out of him that you seek. He will tell you what you want to know, but he's not going to spill his guts of his own volition.

It should be noted that the earlier versions had the voltage / current outputs for the right, left and the center outputs. This allows you to maintain a consistent "voice" across the fronts IF using both taps on the mains. While some may find this to be a "Sideshow Bob" gadget type of option, others may find the added versatility a great feature.

From what i can tell on the website, the newest versions only offer the voltage / current outputs for the right and left, leaving the center with a potentially different sonic flavour. I don't know how important these options are to you, but the added versatility of such an arrangement can come in handy in some installations. As you may know, many recordings and soundtracks are recorded somewhat "hot" sounding. Combine this with brighter sounding metal domes and you have the makings of a system that is sibilant and fatiguing. Having the option to tame such a combo by taking advantage of the voltage / current options is quite convenient.

As a side note, i'm using a modified Sunfire Signature 600 for the mains on my HT system and a modified Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature on the center, surrounds and subs. They sound effortless at any given volume, can drive whatever you throw at them and typically run cool as a cucumber. I would suggest making sure that you have adequate AC to run these amps if you want to take full advantage of their potential. If you perform one "tweak" to one of these amps, i would recommend placing it on some type of non-thermal sensitive footer. The bottom plate acts as a heatsink, so raising the amp allows more air-flow underneath it. This will lower operating temperature and increase the lifespan of the unit. Sean
Sean, what mods did you have done to your Sunfire Signature? Who did the mods and at what cost? What did the mods achieve for your system?

I owned a pair of Carver Silver 9t monoblocks....sold them and bought a Sunfire Signature. The Sunfire Signature was better all around, but it did not have the bass slam that the monoblocks had. So, I went out and bought two pair of the Silver 9t monoblocks and bi-amped my system. I kept the Sunfire Signature and I'm thinking of buying another one to try out the vertical bi-amp setup that I've heard about...mitch
Hey Sean, good to see you around. What mods have you had done to the Sig 600? I have a Sig Stereo II and was curious what changes you've made (or had made) and the impact of them.
Thanks for the kind words guys. I appreciate the support.

I'm not really "back" on Audiogon, at least not in the sense that i was before. The general consensus from the folks that i've recently spoken to was that i wasn't "punishing" anyone other than those that needed help and wanted to learn by not posting here. As such, i'm only responding to questions that nobody else seems willing to answer. If you look at the date of this thread and the other threads that i responded to, you'll see why i responded to them. That is, someone was asking for help, waiting patiently and nobody had responsed for at least several days*. Since i'm not looking to stir things up ( never was ) so much as i am trying to learn and share, this is the approach that i'm going to take here at Agon now.

Seeing as how my point of view seems to be too controversial for some folks, i'm going to avoid the high profile threads on Agon and stick to those that nobody is paying attention to. I'll still be helping and educating, but doing so in a manner that is less controversial and geared more towards individual problems. I won't be commenting on any gear or the politics in this forum as it doesn't do anything but piss people off. Other than that, i'm still posting over at AA as one can openly speak their mind on those forums.

Since i don't want to sidetrack this thread now that others have responded, those that are interested should email me privately. Best wishes and good listening... Sean
Sean, don't change a thing. Just be the same guy you always were. I am part of the consensus who feels the only people being hurt were we Audiogoners. To those who can't handle the truth - As they say, if you can't run with the big dogs, stay the hell on the porch!
For what it's worth I've always appreciated your input on AG and think that the whole concept of AG acting as a useful resource relies on the participation of people like yourself.
I was at a mini audio club meeting over the weekend, and your name was mentioned several times during the course of discussion and always in a positive light.
I've seen some of the threads that got a little wild on AG, and even chipped in from time to time. I don't think people venting and getting a little too 'passionate' about their opinion is always a bad thing, in fact my own approach to certain situations and people in the workplace is to 'stir things up' from time to time. It's surprising how people will play a passive role and will often sit on the fence until their view is challenged, then they become all fiesty and you can't shut them up!!
Well it's part of the fun in my opinion, and conducive to the learning experience also, so it would be good to see more of you on AG, controversial opinions and all.

Hi guys,
I'm currently in the process of shopping for a big-ass solid state amp, preferably for five channels.
I have Infinity Kappa 600s front L/R, Kappa 400s rear L/R, and an older Infinity Entra Center. THe center is soon going to be replaced by a Martin Logan Cinema. THe Kappas are all 6 ohm speakers, and thus my lil Harman Kardon 430 cannot push that load. I bought the H/K knowing that i would eventually use the preamp outs, into separate amplification. A cheap and easy way to get Lexicon's Logic7 processing, and a relatively good receiver to boot. I paid half of list!
I have read lots of good stuff about Bob Carver, and have reviewed his white papers on the website, and am really pretty well sold on a Cinema Grand, either the 200-5 or the 400-5.
WHat do you guys think? Im pretty new at the audiophile thing, but have decent power delivery (Monster HTPS7000ss) and great cabling (MIT, Transparent, Tara, Monster M-Series). Would either of the Sunfires work well with my stuff? THe fact that I can install her in a closed cabinet is helpful to the fiance!

Thanks guys, I need some help!


I would echo similar comments--don't change your previous approach. Novices like me need some tutoring on the finer points of audio, with some personal opinions thrown in, which are perfectly acceptable; that encompasses a significant amount of activity on this site. This forum is a better and more informative site with your avid participation.

Definition of the word FORUM according to Webster:

1 a : the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business b : a public meeting place for open discussion c : a medium (as a newspaper) of open discussion or expression of ideas
2 : a judicial body or assembly : COURT
3 a : a public meeting or lecture involving audience discussion b : a program (as on radio or television) involving discussion of a problem usually by several authorities

Sean, I'm not familiar with your opinions or the problems you've had here at the 'Gon. However, I believe it is essential that we continue to hear from you here. The exchange of ideas in this forum, whether we agree or not is what makes this board click. I am relatively new to the 'Gon and the world of high end. It is important that guys like me are exposed to differing opinions.....we will make our own decisions, but those decisions will be informative because of people like you...and those that oppose you. I visit AA also but not nearly as often as I visit here. You'd probably be surprised how dependent some of the members here are for advice and suggestions from the 'Gon.

I believe your departure will be a loss for you and the members of the 'Gon. The participation of everyone is what makes the 'Gon so strong. The more this place becomes single-minded because of the lack of differing opinions, the less useful it will becaome to all of us. 2 cents.