Sundazed Records

Just played for the first time NRBQ "Workshop". No complaints with the sound, but on either side there is almost zero lead-in groove. It's almost impossible to start track one at the beginning because of this. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is common to this title , SOP, or something else . Thanks
I have The Rising Sons and Skip Spence LPs on Sundazed.No problems with these.
I've never had a problem with a Sundazed record. In fact, I would say I am more consistently pleased with their products than with any other audiophile label.

I would contact Sundazed and see if you can find out whether all the copies of "Workshop" are like that. If not, you should be able to get it replaced.

I've never had a problem with a disc from Sundazed and for the money are more than worth it. I have purchased The Paul Butterfield Blues Band catalog,a few Love albums and a few albums by The Stooges and have never had a problem. The price is great just buy in bulk and on line from their website to save some coin. I would contact them about the record you purchased.