Sunday Morning Suggestions?

I am looking for something soft, vocals, to ease into a weekend morning. I welcome your suggestions to learn about new artists/albums/tracks. 

I dig

Ely Bruna "Take On Me" off Remember the Time 
Ray LaMontagne "Be Here Now" off Till The Sun Turns Black (whole album is great)
Getz/Gilberto "Joao Gilberto /1964"

Thanks in advance!
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J.S. Bach Cantata  82 sung by Emma Kirkby , the greatest female singer alive .
Or any other Bach Cantata sung by her !
Hope Sandavol and The New Inventions
Kat Edmunson

Two of my Sunday fav’s and will be right your alley if you like Ray LaMontagne
4play any album is guud for Sunday
there are great vocal tracks with Nathan East 
-- between the sheets
-- dance with me babe
I'm actually streaming youtube Live In Tokyo.

Kurt Elling “man in the air”. Diana Krall “love scenes”.  Check out titles by Holly Cole, Patricia Barber, Josh Groban, Stacy Kent.

Thank you, excited to dig in! 
Polarity Hoff Ensemble on Tidal.  Came out a few days ago.  Check the bit rate.
Here are a few...

Jose' Gonzalez
Noah Gundersen
Mark Kozelec (in all of his formations)
M Ward
Jason Molina
Smog/Bill Callahan
Beth Orton
Sarah McLaclan
Sara Jarozs
Sara Watkins
Aofie O'Donavan

to name just a few...........

slaw, a couple of new names on your list--noah gunderson sounds interesting. thanks.
Coles Corner by Richard Hawley, seems to never get old, never to disappoint.
@loomisjohnson ,

I highly recommend "Carry the Ghost" on lp. Don't know if NG has more out there since. Thanks for your interest.
slaw, on your advise i listened to carry the ghost--it's good (very reminiscent of damien rice/j tillman)--much more subdued than his newer one, white noise, which is louder/heavier and closer in approach to elliott smith
David Gray - "Mutineers" 

Perfect for a Sunday morning.....
Jeremy Messersmith
Steve Gunn
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Hiss Golden Messenger
George Harrison  "All Things Must Pass"
Ha...funny, @slaw I listed that on The Minority Report for Sunday evening May 6. Works in the morning or evening. What a gift for melody GH had; some gorgeous ones in that collection.

Strictly instrumental...check out Lars Danielsson’s Liberetto recordings (I, II, or III).

Its Sunday evening here, and I just popped in Coles Corner, Richard Hawley (my previous suggestion for Sunday morning), and with the weather making it seem dusk, and a glass of red wine, this is the perfect end of Sunday record too.  Give it a try.  
Thanks All! Lots of great stuff here.