Sunday Morning sounds

Greetings friends,

Sunday morning here, and I’m nearly overwhelmed by what I am hearing at the moment:

Emmylou Harris, CD, Cowgirl’s Prayer, played thru a Luxman D05u player, through a Lyric Ti 140 KT 150 integrated, finally out to JBL L100 Classics, in a very large and open room.

This is just such beautiful music, beautiful sounds, so deep, so well recorded, and not even with audiophile-approved speakers. I do have a set of those, or maybe two (Vandersteen 5As and Von Schweikert Unified 3 MkII), but these are enough for me at the moment.

Just hoping the rest of you can revel in the glory of your chosen music this fine day.

All the best to everyone-

Have you heard Sarah Jarosz? Other worldly music and excellent recording. I own her last three (3/4) albums and she’s about to release a fifth. And, oh yeah, Peace unto you!
Yeah early enough on a Sunday the power can be quite clean. If you like it now, leave it on all day and wait till you hear it later on in the night.
Yes, am revelling in some great music this fine morning, thank you. There is just something about a Sunday morning coming down. Enjoy the music.
It's still morning here in Portland, and a foggy, chilly one in my part of town.  Madeleine Peyroux is singing, and she sounds just fine.  Richard, thanks for sharing, and you-all enjoy the rest of your days.

Hi Jim,

I love her, only have seen her live once, but will definitely make that a second, third...
Well...Yeah! This is what we're continually doing on the ongoing music threads. Maybe you should try to become involved?
Slaw, who are you directing your message to?  I am a bit confused.  Or maybe mis-reading what you wrote here.  
There is just something about a Sunday morning coming down.
Johnny Cash?

Absolutely great Kristoferson song made famous by the equally as great Johnny Cash.