Suncoast Audio experience

Not an amp topic but more hits here than the other topics. Very briefly I want to mention that I’ve run into one of the friendliest and professional audio dealers that I’ve ever experienced. Owners name is Michael Bovaird.
He carrys excellent high end lines and offers no arrogance or pretense. I’ve been at this hobby for 43 years and know a good dealer when I find one. 
I have zero affiliation but the experience has been worth letting others know. He’ll actually email you back quickly and provide a professional invoice! 
I dealt with several times and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to all my friend and family member. Mike Bovaird from Suncoast Audio makes easy and he cares about my system. 

Way to go !  
Interesting,I’ve never heard of these guys.
I took a look at their website and I quickly see lots of the top brands represented.

I wish they were in my home state we have virtually none left nowadays.

@kdude66   I feel your pain!  I live in what is now an audio wasteland.  There is one very small dealer nearby, focused mostly on repair work rather than retail sales.  I'd love to have a Suncoast type store nearby.

Thanks! for the shout-out  4425

where is Suncoast Audio located?

Happy Listening!

In Fla. Google his great website
Mike has a very good reputation and his forum Audioshark has quite the following.
I just left the Audioshark website. Mike is indeed highly respected from what I have read from his customers. 
Mike’s Store front is five miles from my house.  I have bought a couple of things from him, and it was always a great experience.  He is a great listener, a very knowledgeable audiophile, and just an all around great guy.  

A couple of of months back I was talking with him about how I was dissatisfied with the sound of my system.  He offered to come by my house and listen to my system and offer some advice.  He came by and we moved the speakers around and did lots of measuring.  Things sounded much better when he was done.  By the way, I offered to pay him before he came over, but he refused.  A great experience and he didn’t try to sell me anything, he was just happy to help out a fellow audio enthusiast.  Way cool if you ask me!

Check out his shop at and stop by and see him if you find yourself in the Sarasota, Florida area!
I bought two or three barely used Ayre 5-Twenty series components from Mike, and I agree he is a first rate person to deal with.  Great interaction and followup.  He seemed genuinely concerned that the units worked well and that I was completely satisfied.  I suppose it's a good thing SunCoast is not in Santa Barbara, because I might buy even more stuff.

Another kudo to Mike. 
A product that was ordered to be drop shipped to me was inadvertently sent to him by the manufacturer instead. What does Mike do? Emails me that he has already turned them around second day air at his expense. I didn’t ask for anything as he had corrected the situation before I was even involved.
Suncoast is way up there on my dealer list. 
Old thread, but wanted to get some opinions on Suncoast, because it’s been very odd communication with Mike.

I put an order in online on the 1st, got notification it shipped out on the 4th, but no tracking info. 
I call the store the next day, Mike answers, but seems busy and says Matt will call me. Matt doesn’t call. I email Mike the next day, he again tells me Matt will get back to me... no Matt. I then try emailing Mike and Matt to see if I can get some carrier and tracking response. 
Unless this thing is on horse and buggy, I should have received a package from Florida by now with any major carrier.

I wanted to try these guys out and see what they’re like with service and luckily it’s a small order, but this is really surprising. I was under the impression they’re a legit dealer, only seen good things online.
Hello cd45123, I don’t normally look on Audiogon and can’t tell from your username which order on the 1st of January was yours. I’m assuming you received everything ok though?

We were returning from being shut down for 2 weeks due to the holidays so I apologize for any lag in response. Matt handles all our online orders and he himself didn’t return until the 5th from vacation. When he did return, he was a bit backlogged but I hope everything was taken care of for you.

Again, apologies for the delay and understanding the holidays did put us behind a bit. Thank you.

Great store wonderful knowledgeable advice and service.
Thank you for the kind words ebm and everyone else!  ❤️
Really happy everyone had such an awesome experience with him. I have to say I didn't as a forum goer of his (on audioshark). He banned me because I said I like getting great deals on audio gear (in my own discord where he took screenshots and then posted it on audioshark). Whats wrong in wanting to get a great deal? Pretty sad. I am sure he is great to customers but at least to me don't think I was treated fairly.
ebm7,314 posts01-16-2021 10:26amGreat store wonderful knowledgeable advice and service.
JUMP AT IT.  CALL MIKE ASAP, DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Joe its jump on it.Thanks be well!!
Mikes a great guy. The guy who got banned from his forum deserved it.