SUN 2A3 single ended triode.....

This unit was highly touted by Sam Tellig in stereophile. I cannot get another review of it anywhere. I am looking for a SET and dont want to spend big $$$$$$ on diminishing returns. Any reviews? Any other SET in the reasonable ($2500 used, $4000 new) range??? thank you
If you want to read about the Sun SET amps, then go to the Triode Guild website. There are several articles and discussions about it there. Harvey loved them. They are the best selling SET amps in Japan.

Other possiblities would be the Jeff Korneff 2A3 amps, a Fi 2A3 amp, or maybe even a used Wavelength amp. All of these are very good 2A3 amps. Some of the best.

Also, don't disregard the possibility of a used David Berning Siegfried 300B amp. The ZOTL configuration gives alot more extension and detail than what anyone would expect, and could compete in detail with any 2A3.
Take a look at Wright Sound ( He makes 300B, 2A3 45 SET amps, as well as a couple of push-pull amps. I have a pair of his 2A3 monoblocks (as well as his preamp), and I am VERY pleased!

From a survey of 12 single-ended amplifiers, Listener, Volume 5, Number 4, Autumn 1999:

"Mr. Wright's 2A3 SET is the most neutral, accurate, and -- equal to the Welborne Moondog -- musical amplifier of the survey. This is a very speclal product. Each and every listener did a double-take with the Wright WPA3.5 in the system: It's that head-and-shoulders above the others.

What came across first was the WPA3.5's purity. Leading edge transients on all the recordings catapulted from an acoustic so clear I could identify the ambient space in an instant -- whether a simple studio recording, multi-microphone orchestral, or anything in between.

I've also never heard this clarity of a note's attack component before -- but the Wright doesn't "favor" it: The same clarity continues into the sustain component, re-vealing the harmonic structure of each instrument, and then follows into the decay. The best amplifiers "even out" each of these three components of sound rather than highlighting just one or two -- and the Wright is far and away the best amplifier of the survey in this regard.

The Wright isn't just clear -- it's harmonically "right." When something is correct in an area of your expertise and interest, you just know it: Some internal bell is rung and, bingo -- the light goes on! Listen to this amp and you'll get it. In fact, if you're like me or any of the other listeners who heard the WPA3.5 in my home, you'll be awed.
The Fi "X" would be on my short list. Get the Magnequest OPT upgrade for best results. Also, if you're handy with a soldering iron, the Bottlehead 2A3's & 300B kits are supposed to be very nice parallel feed units in the 1-1.5K range.
If you are into DIY, Welborne Labs amps are excellent better than some of the ones mentioned earlier. Bottlehead amps are pretty good.(both 2A3 and 300B amps).