Sumo service and parts

If you know someone who can provide service and parts to Sumo products (amps, etc.), please let me know. Thanks for your help.
micheal zuccarro antigue radio shop did a great repair on my sumo andromeda amp
For Sumo service the guy to talk to is Mike Bettinger. He knows Ampzilla and Sumo amps better than James B himself I think. He's servicing my Sumo 9+ right now and he has kept me appraised of all the work he has done. He has even sent pics to me showing me before and after of certain fixes. We spoke @ length before I sent the Sumo to him to discuss my budget and what I really wanted to get out of the Sumo. He really collaborates with you and is quite nice and knowledgeable. I got no BS from him or felt like he was taking me for a ride.