Sumo preamp

who can fix these it hums and makes a crazy noise when turned on .sounds good may need to be recapped
Hi BBaxley2

The main guy regarding SUMO and other James Bongiorno designs is Mike Bettinger. He restored my Sumo Nine amplifier year ago and did a phenomenal job. At the time Mike had different price points for the fixes he does.

Here is his contact info.

Phone: (804) 317-9118 (Lynn)


Good luck with the repair. What Sumo preamp is giving you problems?
I believe the Athena is a Jason Stoddard design. He is at Schiit Audio, you might drop him an email for advice.
Good Luck, Tim
I had the Sumo Athena II with the Andromeda amp. I gave it to Goodwill. IMO your best bet is to dump the pre and invest in a better one. It is a really poor performing pre.
I used the Sumo Athena in a variety of settings, in the right system, it can be very enjoyable, surprisingly good in fact with the right amp & Speakers, but one system, I couldn't make it sing. No disrespect to Wlutke, but just couldn't agree with his blanket statement. The real problem is that it is selling regularly for about $250. At that price its a steal, but doesn't give much budget for repair before you are underwater. Good Luck, Tim