Sumo Andrometer III or McCormack DNA 1

Currently own sumo gear with audible illusions 3a pre amp would like to try pre amp with McCormackany input would be appreciated. Also have vandy 3a speakers in the set
Any of the McCormack,s will work fine with your current set up. There are a lot of discussions here on Audiogon about the equipment you have and how well they match up together. Do a search of each of the components, you will find more than a weekends worth of reading and some pretty informative information. One of the great things about the McCormack,s, Steve (the designer of the DNA,s) over at SMC Audio is more than helpful if you have any problems and offers a great avenue for upgrades if you so desire.
I actually did the reverse of this. At one point I had a McCormack TLC-1 preamp with a Sumo Nine + amp with an Oppo BDP-83 as a source. I was watching Blu-Ray concerts & DVD concerts on a weekend. I have to say the whole experience was a good one. I was listening for hours on end. I didn't get much done @ all. It was a very musical non-fatiguing set-up. I can only speak for my system but Sumo & McCormack gear had good synergy. They may play well together in other systems too.