summits vs odyssey's

if you have heard them both, do you think there is enough of a difference to trade them in for the summits...i heard them both not too sure there was a diiference....if you have heard them both i would appreciate your feedback...
The Summit is much more dynamic. It uses powered woofers with 25Hz and 50Hz level controls. This lets you dial in the bass to match the room (or make crazy big bass if you are a bass fiend). The Summit is a lot smaller. THe panel is smaller than the Prodigy too. They take forever to break in but are great afterwards. Is it a trade up to get the Summit? More of a trade sideways. Just a little different sound.

Good luck!
I owned the Odyseys's for two years ran them with world class equipment. In a dedicated media room with properly treated accoustics. So I feel I got the most I could out of them. They are a very musical speaker. However, they
a not close to the Summits in any regard. Summits are better from top to bottom.