Summit's owners where do you have your settings?

I am just woundering where other people have there 25hz and 50hz settings on there Summit speakers.
My settings during breakin time are 6-25hz and 3.5-50hz knobs.

After LOTS of tweaking with placement and bass adjustments, I ended up with -4,-2 (L, R @25 Hz), and -10,-8 (L, R @50 Hz), with the slight variation due to my right speaker being closer to an open room. Short of measuring my speaker/room's freq response (still on my to-do list), I never would have thought my room acoustics required such attenuation.

The Summits dual woofers, at their default settings (depending on speaker-room interactions) can create overpowering bass energy, which we inititially compensate for by listening at lower levels. This can create the illusion of recessed mids (perhaps highs, as well). However, once the woofers are properly BALANCED (i.e. tamed), relative to the stat panels, you can start listening again at "normal" volumes, fully restoring that "chesty" midrange and sparkling highs.

I think ML should provide a "setup CD" for the Summit (and Vantage), with test tracks to help balance the woofers and stat panels. That would also help the Tweeter's/Magnolia's of the world properly set up and demo the product!