Summertime: little listening time

Because I'm a beach bum and live on the ocean, I find, because of that, and the longer days and yearning to be outside--I just don't get to listen very much. When I do, however, my system, almost always, sounds better than I remember it. Could it be absence makes the ears grow fonder? Maybe I've taken my system for granted? Cds I've listened to dozens of times, and have become quite intimate with, sound better than ever. It seems like I'm hearing things I've never heard. Any audiophools out there have similar experiences? peace, warren
It's like that for me with a number of things. Whenever I return from vacation the system sure sounds sweeter than before I left. After a long winter breaking out the hot rod for the first pass down the old quarter mile it sure seems faster than in the fall when I put it away. Coming home after a couple of weeks being a trout bum and my wife......
Vacation does seem to improve the system. Maybe it's just the satisfaction of being back in familiar surroundings with the music we really like? Maybe the best upgrade does not even involve changing anything in the system: blow that money on a vacation. Equipment mongers would not like such a practice becoming widespread. Come to think of it: is the fact that we almost invariably tend to think that the other person's system sounds better than ours somewhat the same?
Since I have been into SET amps and sensitive speaker systems the magic is there every time I listen .Happy listening .JK