Summer Power Woes

For the past month, I've found my system to be a little stale and uninvolving. The other week, it became apparent that the sound was significantly better in the early morning compared to the evening. This morning, we finally get a 'relatively' cool morning, and the sparkle is back.

Just a reminder to not judge or make critical comparisons during the summer when the temperature is over 100 and everyone's AC is going 24/7. Systems can be very dependent upon the quality of electricity, even when one takes many steps to minimize this effect. I am convinced the effect is quite clear under these extreme conditions. And, it is not just your own ACs on the power line, but everyone else's.
Voltage sag. Get a powerline voltage regulator.
Yes voltage sag. also got problems with low voltage where I live. A Pure Power regenerator fixed that problem perfectly!
Summer time heat means summer time humidity.Unless you live in an arid climate zone, increased humidity from constantly running AC can interfere with sound conduction and the performance of electronics. You may need better dehumidification in the afternoon hours if constantly running AC is raising your house humidity.
great call out Rtn1, could not agree more!
Years ago I had the same issue. I put the meter in the wall outlet and it fluctuated more than is acceptable. I live in a rural area and at the end of a line. My more than satisfactory fix has been a Transcedent Power Conditioner. It is sold on line by Bruce. The conditioner can be bought as a completed unit or as a kit. My summer time blues are now only as music. Hope this helps. Steve Levick
Rob you are 100% correct, the Tripoint Spartan lets you hear this clearly. Voltage regulation is not the answer as it will add compression and artifacts. Folks will not understand this without listening to your system. I hear the same effect in my own system.

What do you think of the new Pure Power regenerators? I remember researching these several years ago and liked the concept.

Any device or voltage regulation component that is close to the source components will not sound as natural and effortless. Look into voltage regulation at the AC panel of the house. This still has to be tested to see if the benefit of AC regulation outweights any minor drawbacks if any. The further the AC panel is away from the stereo room the less negative effects you'll hear. Only folks with a Tripoint Audio solution power conditioners will be able to hear all these traits of artifacts and compression of any isolation transformer voltage stabilizer.

What do you think of the new Pure Power regenerators? I remember researching these several years ago and liked the concept.
I don't have the newest version but I have the 1050 in April and like it very much. My injput voltage varies from 113 to 128 and the PP 1050 keeps the output at 120V. The new series 2 is supposed to be even better.