Sumiko Talisman Virtuoso

Hi all.
Can someone comment on this venerable line of cartridge design.
I once had the B version (Boron cantilever). I had sent it to Soundsmith and Peter could not do anything with it as the suspension was badly flawed, beyond repair. The cartridge was once re-tipped by VDH. Was the suspension damaged at that time; who knows.

This was one of the great cartridges i have had in my stable at 1.8mv gain.
I am currently looking at a DTi in excellent condition. Does anyone have any experience with this model and if so, what are/were your impressions.
Is it worth considering on its own sonic performance and value?

Those Sumiko's do not come on sale very often on the used market.

Thanks so much
I was a dealer and sold and owned both the Virtuoso Boron and the DTi. They were/are excellent cartridges. The DTi provided better channel seperation and balance and was smoother sounding. It also threw a wider and deeper soundstage. I still have my Boron, but sold the DTi with a table years ago. I would buy a DTi if one ever comes up for sale.