Sumiko SHO and analog-to-digital transfer

Can anyone tell me what the output of a Sumiko SHO cartridge is (I know it's a medium gain but how much exactly)? I am using the SHO w/ a Audible Illusion Mod 3A and a Marantz DR-17 for analog-to-CD transfer.

However, very often there isn't sufficient gain to get the optimal recording level (even at a max setting of my CD recorder). Will inserting a pre preamp or step up transformer alter the sonic quality of the transfer? Or should I get a phono stage with variable gain instead? I am trying to get the purest signal onto to create a master so I can tidy up my vinyl collection (especially those one-hit wonders and 45's). Certainly not giving up vinyl. I believe in doing it once and doing it right since transfers are very time consuming (besides the records normally end up in Goodwill after I get the master done).

Thanks for your feedback & Happy listening!
The following link should take you to a thread on Audiogon that identifies the output of the SHO as 2.4 mV.

As TWL points out on that thread, 2.4 mV is high for a MC cartridge. Hark, have you plugged the SHO into the MM input on your AI Mod 3A? If so, your output would be on the low side, as the poster of that earlier thread experienced, and you might want to try plugging into a MC input. If this is already the case and your gain is still too low, I begin to suspect something might be wrong with your equipment. Hope not.

To address some of your other questions, I would opt for getting a phono preamp with good gain. (Of course, plug the cartridge into the phono preamp and the phono preamp into a line level input on the AI Mod 3A.) A good phono preamp shouldn't impact the sound adversely. After all, most preamps are line level only, anyhow. Good luck.