Sumiko Premier FT 4

Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to audiogon and I am asking for your help. I am going to be undertaking a first for me, bulding a massive plinth Lenco L 75, inspired by the monster Lenco thread here. I am toying with the idea of making it a two tonearm plinth, so bear with me. I have decided upon the two cartridges I am going to use, a new Denon DL 103 and a slightly used Grado Sonata I just picked up here on the gon ( Thanks Gary ). Now my question is about tonearm recomendations. I presently have a Sumiko Premier FT 4 set up on a Thorens TD 125 MKII. Would this arm work well with either of these cartridges? Which cartridge would match up better to this arm? I've tried the search for any information on this arm and I get zero results, a lot of results for the MMT and the FT 3, but not for the FT 4. Any body have experience or opinions with the FT 4? Does anyone have arm suggestions that they think is good for either of these cartridges? I would like to keep the budget under 500 used per arm. This will be a time consuming project so I am in no hurry in purchasing the arms right now ( read depleted funds ). If it helps, I listen to classic rock and a lot of classical, my system consists of a Sansui AU 717 and Klipsch Chorus II. As you can see it is not very high end but I like it well enough for the time being. I might as well ask for suggestions for a step up for the Denon and also for the Sonata ( 1.5 mv ) Keep in mind I am just a working stiff, no unlimited funds here. Forgive me if I have asked too many questions in this one thread, but feel free to address any or all of them.