Sumiko Fluxbuster: How do I use this crazy thing?

I recently acquired a Sumiko Fluxbuster from Joe DePhillips of Discovery Cable. Unfortunately, he could not find the instructions, and I am not certain I am using it correctly. For one thing, the cycle seems to be ridiculously fast (less than a second). Does anyone have experience with this device or, hope against hope, an owner's manual that could be scanned and e-mailed?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I may have the manual, but it's pretty easy. Assuming you're using the rca jacks, you push the rocker switch one way and leave it there, watch the lights flash until it glows a steady green (I think--might have been red), then push the rocker switch the other way to do the other channel. The process is not long, but certainly more than a second--more like between 10 and 15, as I recall. Hope this helps--sounds like you might be returning the switch to the middle position rather than leaving it depressed to the top or bottom, but that's all I can figure.
I found this thread on Audiogon that might help you:
Thanks for your responses. I will pay attention to whether or not I am returning to the middle too quickly, although I do think I was holding it down. Is the length of the cycle always the same, or is it somehow dependent upon how magnetized the cartridge has become?

Recently with my Fluxbuster, the length of the cycle did appear to vary with the (longer than normal) length of time since I last used it. Now I'm curious, I'll start timing it and see if the length of the cycle really does vary.

Terry --

I would be very curious to know what you find. BTW, mine now seems to be operating normally. I wonder if it was just that it had not been used in several years (according to the seller). We may never know for sure, because Sumiko has ignored both the e-mail and the telephone message I left over two weeks ago. They appear not to be interested in providing customer service for this out of production item.